MatriX I Pro IQ Test

Benefits of this IQ test:
  • Improves academic performance in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
  • Develops spatial reasoning skills.
  • Facilitates understanding of maps and diagrams
  • Ideal for Architects, Engineers, Pilots, Graphic designers, Mathematicians, Geologists, Animators, Radiologists.

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Difficulty Level


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M=100, SD=15
Max IQ = 154


32 Questions
40 minutes

Scientifically validated



€ 14.99

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Frequently asked questions about
MatriX I Pro IQ Test.

What is the MatriX I Pro IQ Test? Example included.

The MatriX I Pro IQ Test is a spatial intelligence test designed to measure an individual's spatial reasoning abilities. Spatial intelligence refers to the ability to visualize, manipulate, and comprehend three-dimensional objects and space. The MatriX I Pro IQ Test is a comprehensive assessment that measures multiple aspects of spatial intelligence, such as spatial visualization, spatial orientation, spatial relations, and mental rotation. The test consists of various tasks and exercises that assess an individual's ability to solve spatial problems, understand spatial patterns and relationships, and mentally manipulate objects. The MatriX I Pro IQ Test is a standardized and validated test that provides accurate and reliable measures of spatial intelligence. It is suitable for individuals of all ages who want to assess their spatial reasoning abilities and gain valuable insights into their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Overall, the MatriX I Pro IQ Test is an excellent tool for assessing and developing spatial intelligence, which is an essential skill for success in many fields, such as engineering, architecture, and science.

How long does it take to complete the MatriX I Pro IQ Test and how accurate it is?

The MatriX I Pro IQ Test typically takes around 40 minutes to complete. This comprehensive IQ test measures multiple cognitive abilities and provides an accurate assessment of an individual's intelligence level.

The results of the MatriX I Pro IQ Test are based on extensive research and standardization with M=100 and SD=15, making them highly accurate and reliable. The test is designed to provide a valid and objective measure of cognitive abilities, and the results can be used to gain valuable insights into an individual's intellectual strengths and weaknesses.

The accuracy of the test results is dependent on various factors, such as the test-taker's focus and effort during the testing process, and the test conditions. However, the MatriX I Pro IQ Test is designed to minimize any potential sources of error and provide highly accurate and reliable results. Overall, the MatriX I Pro IQ Test is a highly accurate and comprehensive measure of cognitive abilities.

Can I practice IQ tests?

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